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Patented Predictive

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The team at Peer Analytics, using over 30 years of research, has developed a patented analytics system that uses communication data to identify social groups, influencers in those groups, and predict trends over time.

How influence is transmitted.

History is rife with examples of how small groups of people exerted influence over many. It’s a social
phenomenon that is so pervasive as to be seen as commonplace.

Ivan Milat Serial Killer Case Study.

How we found a notorious killer using Social Network Analytics.

Macquarie Bank Insider Trader Simon Hannes Case Study

Sophisticated insider trader that no one could find, but… DOWNLOAD

Terrorist cells identified

Two hundred and two people were killed when bombs exploded in a populated tourist and nightclub district on the island of Bali, Indonesia.  Australian Federal Police, or AFP, used the SNA-type software in the investigation.


Car re-birthing and insurance fraud 

The U.S. insurance industry pays out billions of dollars annually on fraudulent claims. However, identifying fraudulent claims is not an easy task. Most major insurers in the United States have turned to the software developed by Prof John Galloway in order to identify fraud cases.

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