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Peer Analytics uses communication data to identify circles of friends and find the key influencers in those groups.
With our findings, you can market directly to key social influencers.


Peer pressure didn’t end in high school.

(Bummer, right?)

In fact, 60-70% of purchase decisions are based on friend recommendations.

IT’s called goth.
And it’s not a
“PHASE”, mom.
THESE! Image
OMG. Just got them!
Our patented social analysis software analyzes your communication data to identify tightly-knit peer groups, find key “influencers” in those groups, and predict emerging groups and trends.

How we can help you.

Customers who have used our analytics have seen:
50% Churn Reduction
20% Increased Marketing
Response Rate
23% Increased Upsales

How we do it.

(What makes us so special)

Okay, so explain it to me like I am:

Image A Nine-Year-Old
PI = 3.14159 ...
That’s all
i know. lol.
Image A Half-Geek Image Nikola Tesla
Our Founder, John Galloway, is considered a national treasure by many.

Detailed Features

Get a clear, concise list of peer groups and influencers

With our clear documentation, know just where to target your message.

Reduce human error.

Use an intelligent machine for the most accurate and valuable insights.

Use your data wisely.

Market more intelligently and accurately with our precise analytics. Our world class team will work with you directly to provide the most valuable social insights.

Quick Turnaround

Save time with our fast, intelligent machine. Eliminate the middleman.

The Process

(What to expect)
  • Image

    Send us your data.

  • Image

    We run it through the machine

  • Image

    We send you a precise list of peer groups and influencers.

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    Market directly to these peer groups.

Break free from attribute data.

Get in touch today to start
marketing smarter.

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